Just chaos ?

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Yet another suicide attack, more killings, more bloodshed, more cries of people.I wonder what’s more to come ? This time the militants targeted a prestigious Islamic institution.In a mater of fact, terror has struck the youth of this country directly this time.At first the target were girls schools in areas like Swat etc but now the militants seem to target more populated and prestigious places like they did in the case of Islamic University in Islamabad.Terror struck the place as two bombs exploded in quick succession, there was blood and fear everywhere.This was a cowardly act by the militants, firstly because they targeted women secondly they targeted students.This recent outbreak of suicide bombing and terror attacks has hit the country economically as well as mentally and it has brought the country into a more distressful and hopeless state.For this is not just chaos, it seems that this stands as our last chance, the final battle.

A usual, repeated reaction or I’d say a well rehearsed chain reaction of condemnation was seen towards this atrocious act by our honorable leaders and symbols of the state.But I believe they’ve failed to see the broader picture of this attack in particular and have yet again failed miserably to stand up in the hour they are most needed.Keeping in view what’s been targeted it seems now that the war has turned up fully now a war against people of Pakistan rather than being a war (thought of being) against American imperialism support conscious people.The militants have started targeting the youth of this nation, the student population who are the future of this country, who are the ones who’ll be leading this country to immense progress InshaAllah within the coming years.Youth is the key if any country has to prosper and flourish, if one succeeds in distracting the youth then I am afraid the state goes into immense danger of turning up into a failed state since the future goes into a shell to safe guarding itself thus resulting a halt in progress.

People are scared to step out of the house, they are scared to go to malls or crowded places, parents are agonizing whether or not to send their children to school most schools/institutions though as part of “intelligence and security” planning have been closed down on government orders till an undefined period until the environment is safe and back to normal. But why so ? why shall progress come to a halt ? why should a common Pakistani suffer and sacrifice his/her progress and that too a progress which is going to play a vital part in the future of the country. Making lack of security manpower a reason is a lame excuse, for it is the duty of the state to protect their citizen, why don’t those living in their safe houses with impenetrable security cut the expense being spent on their protocols by the government and allocate them on the security budget to provide better security in public places.They’ve enough in their pockets to spend on their security.

In my views,  we’ve entered a final stage of this ‘war’ but the moral is really down and this is the time when true leaders have to rise to the occasion.Our honorable leaders need to step up and unite this country keeping aside all personal differences and opinions.Someone needs to keep a hand of mercy on those martyred in these attacks, those who lost their lives while abiding to their duties and those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country.Someone has to wash those tears.If no one steps up, then these grievances and sorrows of those who lost their loved ones will erupt in such a way that it’ll wipe off everything from this land and remember if Pakistan is here then we are here or else we are nothing neither do we exist..!!

It’s time to wake up, wake up people before it’s too late the final whistle has already blown, these bomb blasts, earthquakes, economic meltdown, high currency depreciation rate, international pressure, internal and external security threats, unlawfulness , food shortages, energy issues etc.This is not just chaos, it’s worse than a chaos it’s a bizarre situation where we need to step up and unite as a nation or else our worst nightmare awaits us.Salute to those army men and those who have put their risked and sacrificed their lives for the country.

Let’s join our hands and let’s unite to kick these intruders out of our country who’ve made this place an anguish.Let’s make this land the Land of the pure

Closing this piece of writing with Iqbal’s verse:

nahi hai na-umeed Iqbal apni kisht-e-veran sai

zara num hoo to yeh matti bari zarkhaiz hai saaki

Long Live Islamic Republic of Pakistan..!!